Attractions in the surrounding region

 Hachenburg Umgebung

You live in the centre of the medieval town of Hachenburg. Lots of things can be discovered here: Sights like the castle, the castle gardens, the village museum (Landschaftsmuseum), the romantic market square and the pedestrian area with its restaurants and small shops that cater for individual demands. Hachenburg’s unique cultural activities such as literary readings, historical guided tours, concerts in the market square, the parish fair (Kirmes),  St Katherine’s fair, and the historical Christmas fair are renowned far beyond the municipal boundaries. For swimming fans there is the newly renovated swimming pool (Löwenbad in Hachenburg), where you can work out in summer and winter. Golf- lovers can find two golf courses nearby, the (Golf-Club Westerwald) and the golf club at the Wiesensee (Golfclub am Wiesensee). There are two local facilities for riders, Nistermühle and Gut Neuhof. Another attractive sight is the Cistercian monastery of Kloster Abtei Marienstatt in the Nister valley with wonderful hiking routes. If you are thirsty after all this, visit the local Hachenburg brewery (Erlebnis-Brauerei Hachenburg), one of the oldest German Pils breweries (since 1861) offering an assortment of different beers. Within walking distance are the Cinema, the train station, the Cadillac museum, a public library, a station for electric bikes, restaurants and pubs.

The local tourist information office informs you about the numerous local sights and activities, e.g. hiking in the upper Wied valley, the Westerwald lake region 0r the picturesque hill area of Kroppach-Switzerland.